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Why Should Manufacturing go for Industry 4.0?

Looking at the world, traditional manufacturing is in a period of digital transformation, and heading to era of developed technologies (such as smart robots, drones, sensors, 3D printing, etc.). If companies want to seize the opportunity in the development of the industry and competition from rivals, their industrial processes must adapt to this rapidly changing environment.

Business Opportunities with Industry 4.0 Technologies

The opportunities the businesses obtained after introducing Industry 4.0 technologies:

Improve competitiveness:

The digital transformation of Industry 4.0 will improve companies’ competitiveness. Major reforms are inevitable to increase the operation and production efficiency. The business able to cater the market demand producing products at a lower cost.

Seize opportunities to reduce risks:

Industry 4.0 opens up new channels for companies to integrate customer needs and preferences into corporate development and production processes, including directly sharing data with machinery and equipment. Industry 4.0 will also make machine data analysis easier, improve quality and avoid errors in the production process.

The development potential of personalized business:

Research and development (R&D), procurement, production, and warehousing logistics are the core of the digital transformation of Industry 4.0, and sales and service are the main that can benefit the most from the transformation. In these respects, more personalized solutions can bring customized production into a new era. This requires a change in the “market-oriented” model of promoting better products to customers, and instead strive to understand the needs of each customer, and “customer-oriented” to launch customized industry solutions.

Summary why should manufacturers should go for Industry 4.0:

  • Improve business competitiveness
  • Business able to seize the opportunities to reduce operational risks
  • The development of potential of personalized business with customized production

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