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ERP System for Automotive Industry Malaysia | Stellar Dynamic

Crusk Assembler Sdn. Bhd.

Company Facts


• Location—Malacca, Malaysia
• Industry—Automotive Parts
• Operation Type— Make to Stock
• Website— http://crusk.my/

Success Highlight


• Accuracy of Costing
• Operation Efficiency


Epicor ERP


• Higher Accuracy of Costing
• Business Operation Efficiency Improved

Crusk is a key supplier of automotive part and components surrounding OEM for the growing automobile industry in Malaysia. We aims to be a manufacturer and assembler of automotive components/ parts in Malaysia and within Asia-Oceania market as its strategic direction to meet the fast growing market needs and expectation.

In order to support the Company’s strategic direction, our team are committed to provide our services to our customers with high efficiency and effectiveness in order to be consistently achieving the Quality, Cost, on-time delivery and reliable services.

We believe these are the corner stones to consistently fulfil our customer requirements and expectation and enhancing our customer satisfaction, and at the same time maximizing the values, needs and expectations all other stakeholders including our suppliers, shareholders, employee and relevant authorities.


Optimizing resources and streamline business operation is critical to reduce impact of high costing on our business.

Mr. Zulkifli bin Kasim, President/ CEO, Crusk Assembler Sdn. Bhd. commented:
After implemented Epicor ERP System, Higher visibility with production result and cost reduction especially in terms of man power. Our staff is dedicated to focus on their own fields rather than spending extra time and effort for manual entries and some staff strength had been reduced with automation put in place. It had helped us with higher efficiency and effectiveness, hence we are able to rollout to other related companies and continue to move on and acquired new companies in automobile industry as we believe with a standardize ERP solution will speed up our processes.