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Manufacturing Digitalization Malaysia | Stellar Dynamic

What is “digitalization”?

Digitalization is the conversion of written and oral communication to electronic messaging that everyone understands. business networks and wireless networks needed for this transformation.

As explained by Gartner, digitalization is the application of digital technologies to change business models, so as to gain new revenue and value-producing opportunities. It is also the process of shifting into a digital business. Digitalization often emphasizes the improvements of business processes, models, operations, and functions through digital technologies with the goal of achieving certain business goals.

Why should manufacturing digitalize business?

The whole world is heading towards digitalization, thus it is an essential for your business to go for digitalization and stay competitiveness.

The purpose of digitalization is to enable automation, increase data quality, and collect and structure all that data so your business can apply advanced technology. The outcome of digitalization is higher business process efficiency, lower transaction costs and better control of business operations, both for the individual company and for the network of connected businesses.

Three Pointers for Successful Digitalization

Digitalization is not a specific manufacturing, warehousing or logistics issue; it’s a business-wide challenge. To reap the full benefits and values of digitalization can bring to your business as described above, here are three tips to keep in mind as you set out to successfully digitalize your business.

1. Start from the bottom up by establishing a business network

Fully automated warehouses and robotics in production are examples of wireless networks in action. However, these applications are confined by space and fully dependent on IoTs within that space.

You need to working on a network of companies strategically working together to improve business operations between suppliers, customers, distributors, and other third-party entities.

Build your digitalization strategy around networks that connect your ERP and different applications is important and enable you embrace the business dynamics. It is because without a business network, your underlying data quality will not be good enough for the rest of your business applications to reach full potential. It is a business network that takes your innovation and success beyond.

2. Tap into the power of high-quality data (Big Data)

To start digitalizing, the starting is to scan the physical documents and digitize all the business transactions. Today, implementation of end-to-end digitalization of your business is existed with the ready infrastructure, regulations and technology across our globe.

Once all your transactions been digitized, collecting data comes in. This makes you tapping into Big Data. After digitizing the transactions, there is vast amount of data which reside in the transactions. These data is useful which consists example the trends, patterns, buyer preference, pricing effectiveness. It enables the management to tap into new insights and allow them to make a better business decisions.

3. Go for the holistic approach to digitalization

Benefits of holistic approach to digitalization is huge. You are able to know the reality of what is happening on your business such as the cost of acquisitions drop dramatically, able to identify if both revenue and cost increases significantly, transaction costs drop, environmental impact, visibility of operations leads to better control and etc.

More and more businesses are understand the importance and benefits of digitalization. A good business network as a groundwork for all the communication, wireless network and ERP demonstrate your ability to deliver innovation. Once that is accomplished, data collection combined from both business and wireless network, Now your business reality starting to change.

Summary of how manufacturers digitalize their business:

  • Start from the bottom up by establishing a business network
  • Tap into the power of high-quality data (Big Data)
  • Go for the holistic approach to digitalization

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