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Mobile Warehouse System Malaysia| Stellar Dynamic

What is Mobile Warehouse System (MWS) meaning?

A Mobile Warehouse System is a devices which to facility to store goods and it consists of software and processes that allow organizations to manage the warehouse operations from goods or materials enter into warehouse until move out.

Warehouses plays as a center part of manufacturing and supply chain operations because all the material used or produced in those processes, from raw materials to finished goods holding by it. A WMS handling many functions that enable these movements including tracking, picking, receiving and put a way. WMS helps to ensure all the raw materials and finished goods move through warehouses in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Besides that,

Benefits of Using Mobile Warehouse System (MWS)

Increase Efficiency

With visibility of inventory at any time and location, no matter it is in transit or warehouse, supply chain can operate quickly, accurately and efficiently which WMS plays a vital role by managing order fulfilment processes, from receiving raw materials, production, deliver the finished goods.

Increase Competitiveness 

By offering a very short delivery timescale, it will be increased the company competitiveness. Example, you may offer a one-hour delivery to workers in certain city centres, then your proposition offers a clear differentiation as a critical factor when your customers choose to buy from you.

A WMS integrated with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System will increase the decision making process due to real time data transferred and visibility.

Summary of benefits of using Mobile Warehouse System (MWS):

  • Increase overall efficiency of operation
  • Increase business competitiveness

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