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What is Business Integration?

Business integration is a overall digital strategy whose aim is to synchronize information technology (IT) with business cultures, processes and goals. It integrated, automated, and optimization of all important business processes. Business integration is a reflection of how IT acted as part of function of business.

For example, there are enough of information about the stock levels of the products enable the procurement departments to make the purchase order decisions. Another example is salespersons also able to obtain more information about the customers such as creditability, previous discount rate given, nature of business and etc which allow them to propose a competitive package to the customers. The interconnection of data access and control between the procurement department and the inventory department is business integration.

What are the Top5 Benefits of Business Integration?

Better Communication

Business integration improves communication. Previously, inter-department communication time consuming and not effective. With real time data and visibility, mutual understanding between different departments can be achieved.

Increase Productivity

Unnecessary business processes can be defined and eliminated and more works can be done in ways of more efficient through business integration. Communication and collaboration are improved also enable works to complete in shorten timeline and more quantity able to produced.

Fewer Errors

Business integration provides businesses a single source platform that simplifies and streamlines business processes. With the simplified business processes, errors can be reduced and avoided.

Reduce costs

By using integration, businesses can have a single business management solution that carries out all business processes which will eliminated complicated business processes then lead to costs reduced.  Besides that, with integration and automation, the need fore more manpower can be reduced, thus reducing the employee acquisition costs.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

By having integration of the business processes, businesses are able to speed up their business processes. Thus, organization able to serve customers better in more efficient way.  When you able understand your customer better, customer satisfaction will be increased.

Business integration is a must to ensure you are stay competitive in the market which is a technological era and all businesses are heading to digitalization goal.

Start your journey of business operations integration now with an ERP system that suits your business! Let us tell you how!

Summary of Top 5 benefits of Business Integration:

  • Better Communication
  • Increase Productivity
  • Fewer Errors
  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction

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